Dear new Ellerbekers,

Ellerbek-hilft.de (Ellerbek Helps) is the information hub of the team of volunteers who accompany refugees in Ellerbek. With this website, we want to keep all Ellerbekers up to date on our activities and motivate them to become part of our team.

We are more than 40 volunteers from Ellerbek who want to help the refugees in our community – upon arrival and with their orientation in their new environment including learning our language, settling into their new habitat, socializing and becoming part of our community.

Our goal is to help you to help yourselves.

At the same time, we are pleased to support our municipality in addressing this enormous challenge. Marlis Braun is coordinating our activities, Reinhard Gatzsch is her deputy. In groups we deal with topics such as „reception“, „sponsorship“, „language teaching“, „mobility“; „meetings/games“, “communication” and others. You will soon get to know most of us, be it when attending a language course, at the clothing store or when bringing your children to a playgroup.

Useful information: In the “Links” section, you will find useful information for refugees in different languages including English, Arabic, Farsi, and others: Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle  and regional TV channel NDR as well as the portal of the State Schleswig-Holstein provide helpful tips. We will continuously update the “Links” section.

We welcome you to Ellerbek and hope you will soon feel good here.

Kind regards,

The Ellerbek-hilft team